Monero Mining Helping Bail Out Refugees In U.S.

Reports came out earlier this week that Bail Bloc would be focusing their Monero mining contributions to bail out migrants in ICE detention facilities. The “cryptocurrency scheme against bail” is teaming up with the Immigrant Bail Fund to help over 40,000 people finance their payment.

Bail Bloc, is an app developed by The New Inquiry which launched at the end of last year and had a small percentage of the operating device dedicated to computing power to mine cryptocurrency.

After there was a huge flood of economic refugees running away from their homes in South and Central America, the President of the United States, Donald Trump has given his stance on how to respond to their arrival in the nation.

Initially, Trump has made the customs for arrivals more militarised to wrongly separate children from their families. The agency is known as ICE and reported they had quickly “adjusted to the President’s Executive Order 13768, which largely abandoned any enforcement priorities, by arresting and deporting a greater number of immigrants who pose no threat to public safety.”

As reported by BTC Manager, once they are seized, prisoners are rarely offered any legal defence while they await their given date of trial – this can often take years to get processed. A bail is usually provided but it is far too much to pay for many prisoners and according to Bail Bloc “an estimated [one] and [five] people are in ICE detention because they cannot afford to pay their bond.”

After this, Bail Bloc, a product of The New Inquiry Rhetorical Software initiative will be taking control of the funds for the Immigrant Bail Fund based in Connecticut. Here, the median immigration bond is around $15,000. The New Inquiry took to Twitter to say that they would be matching the funds:

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